Moscow Freelance Interpreter

The supply of interpreting services, including freelancing, significantly exceeds demand. However, we strongly recommend using services from large translation companies that have attained good market position.

Doing business with such a company ensures that your interpreters will have adequate training and experience, arrive on time and provide high quality interpreting services for any type of event. Interpreting services will be provided according to time and quality specifications in your contract with the translation company.

Using freelance services, you run a high risk of facing serious problems, including the following which are most common:

  1. The interpreter does not show up for the event and you cannot contact him because his phone is switched off;
  2. The interpreter’s qualifications fall short of expectations. At best, you will have low quality interpreting services; or, at worst, the whole event will be ruined;
  3. Since there is no contract, the interpreter can dictate his or her conditions and change the original agreement. In addition, without a contract, the interpreter does not accept any liability for a breakdown or disruption of the event. Even if you refuse to pay his or her the amount you have promised, this will not compensate you for the consequences of the ruined event.

Recommendations for an interpreter from your friends or business acquaintances can be of little use: it is very unlikely, for example, that an interpreter who can provide high quality consecutive interpreting of a paper on applied mathematics would necessarily cope well with simultaneous interpreting of a lecture on aesthetic medicine.

However, we have no objections to freelance interpreters in general. Our translation company uses their services to extend our scope of expertise, because it is impossible to have in-house interpreters that cover all languages and subject areas in the translation services market.

Our point is that a customer who does not know the translation services market very well will struggle to find – unassisted – a suitable contractor for providing interpreting services. This is why we actively partner with top freelance linguists in Russia and other countries. From a great number of freelance interpreters we choose only the best professionals to meet your requirements for the type of event, subject area and type of interpreting services you need.

All of our freelance interpreters are highly qualified and rigorously screened so that you can be sure of their qualifications and professionalism. All interpreting services are provided on a contract basis regardless of whether we use a freelance or in-house interpreter to execute your order. If a contingency arises, we shall promptly provide you with another interpreter.

Whatever task might bring you to the London-Moscow translation agency, you can always be sure that our specialists will handle it in the best way.