On-demand Russian Interpreters

London-Moscow offers a complete range of interpreting services. Each and every client can rest assured that our interpreters will effectively tackle any assignment, regardless of the subject matter or the format of the event.

Interpreting at seminars, conferences, master classes and presentations are the services in greatest demand. Our company’s portfolio includes projects ranging from mid-level business negotiations to conferences hosting several thousand attendees.

As for subject matter familiarity, London-Moscow has a wealth of experience in supporting a variety of industries ranging from oil and gas production to medicine. The assignment of industry-specific interpreters ensures accuracy in terminology and prevents potential misunderstandings, no mater how deeply a speaker goes into the subject.

Our company employs professional linguists whose experience and expertise are sufficient to handle any problem they may encounter in the course of their work. Among their other advantages are integrity and adherence to professional standards. Thanks to their professionalism and our client-oriented policies, London-Moscow has built a large base of clients from both Russia and the West.

At your request, our company is ready to provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services plus any equipment (a sound-proof booth, speakers, earphones etc) required to accommodate your event, whatever its size.

London-Moscow – Your Best Choice on the Market